The Watches of Team Chrono24: Nora

Jul 02, 2019
The Watches of Team Chrono24: Nora


The “Watches of Team Chrono24” series gives us the opportunity to share our watches, their corresponding stories, and our passion with you.


Nora, Office Administration


What watch are you currently wearing?

At the moment, I’m wearing a NOMOS Glashütte Orion. I bought it in September 2016.


How did you come to own this watch?

If you recruit new employees to Chrono24, you get a gift certificate to use on our platform. Since I brought two team members on board at once, I was able to buy myself the watch.


Why did you choose this watch?

I like that I can wear this watch every day or dress it up for special occasions. It only gets noticed by watch connoisseurs and is otherwise relatively discreet. I wanted a big watch but nothing flashy. The Orion won out because it’s gender-neutral. It is rather large for a woman’s wrist but not too big. I like the NOMOS brand in general – it stands out with its stylish simplicity. Plus, NOMOS watches always look subtle on the wrist without disappearing. There was a Junghans which I considered as well, though.


When do you wear your watch?

That’s the beauty of it: Because it’s so simple, I can wear it anywhere – at work and in my private life. I only leave it at home when I go out for the evening. In those cases, I would honestly be too worried about it getting damaged because it’s so valuable to me.


What role does this watch play in your collection?

I have some other watches, but they are more like decorative pieces and not as valuable. That’s why the NOMOS Orion is the highlight of my collection so far.



What fascinates you about watches in general?

I find it fascinating that watches never go out of style. They are simply timeless. There are so many details and styles – something for everyone. Watches can amount to so much for the wearer: a decoration, a functional timepiece, or a memento that tells a story.


What was your first watch?

My first watch was a classic children’s watch: a flik flak. It was blue and pink, so very trendy in the 90s.


Do you have a favorite brand or type of watch?

No, I don’t have a favorite yet. The world of watches is so big. I like several brands and models, but I really don’t want to tie myself down to any one style.


What watch have you got your eye on now?

I’m still undecided about that too. Maybe an Omega – in which case, I might dare to buy a vintage model. That would bring some variety to my collection and broaden my options. I’ve been eying some pilot’s watches, too, but they are usually very expensive. Another favorite is the Cartier Tank.


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Jul 02, 2019
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